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Areas of expertise

If you consider yourself a victim of a violation of any Article of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms committed by the Polish authorities
Today we enjoy the liberty of traveling all round the world. Our personal and business relations have changed too and are more and more international than ever before.
Agata Bzdyń
If you have a dispute to resolve, you want to sue somebody or you have been already sued, I can represent you during negotiations
There is no sphere of life that is not regulated with an agreement. Therefore, I offer you my services in this area. I can prepare for you drafts of contracts,
Agata Bzdyń
If you want to carry out your business with a partner or as a company I offer you my services. In my career I served as a counsellor to my Clients
Agata Bzdyń
You or your relative suffered from material or personal damage and your property, health and live were insured? The insurance company refuses to pay compensation, just satisfaction or benefits?
Agata Bzdyń
Are you a consumer? You bought something and it was delivered damaged or you ordered services and they were performed wrongly and the results are disastrous?
I advise employers and employees in matters concerning labour law and employment. I can help you with drafting, changing and terminating employment contracts.
Agata Bzdyń
If you are in a special and untypical situation that combines several different branches of law, it will be a pleasure for me to analyse it.
Agata Bzdyń



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